Inspiration from Ed Emberley

Ed Emberley simple shapes Grace Mendez

Ed Emberley’s simple shapes inspired this journal page. His books are perfect if you want to introduce drawing to children or to the child in you. The book I feature in the video, Ed Emberley’s Complete FunPrint Drawing Book gives you step by step instructions with the cutest images. The simple shapes combine well with […]

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Moving Away From Fear

Moving away from fear Grace Mendez

Moving away from fear is what most of us do all of our lives. We want safety, security and all the answers. I believe this how Google rose to such high popularity. If you have a need, Google will help you find The Answer. Sometimes the blank page or canvas causes fear. It’s not life […]

9 Ways to Draw a Face

9 Ways to Draw a Face Grace Mendez

It’s easier to draw a face when you have a starting point. The starting point I picked is using the numbers one through nine. This was the kind of drawing I did in grade school. Guess what? I still think it’s fun. The best thing for me is that I’m not trying to make it […]

How to Improve Life

How to Improve Your Life: Grace Mendez

Do you want to improve life? I don’t believe creativity is the only way. But I do believe it’s an excellent pathway to take. Do you know people who are dead inside? They also seem to be the same people that don’t understand the value of visual or performing arts or the written word. I don’t […]

Fabric Inspiration

Fabric as Inspiration Grace Mendez

Fabric inspiration for an art journal is an easy way to start a page. Over the weekend, I went to the annual White Elephant sale put on by the Oakland Museum of California. I bought three pieces of late 60’s? early 70’s mod fabric. The scrap of fabric in the photo is from one of […]