Studying Under the Masters

After Picasso by Grace Mendez

Last week I started participating in an online workshop called “Studying Under the Masters”. I never have had a workshop with any of the teachers (except for a video I purchased of Jane Davenport’s ) so I didn’t know what to expect. Wow. So far the instruction has been superb. I highly recommend this workshop. When […]

Pastel Pencils, Artbars and Matte Medium

Pastel Pencils, Derwent Artbars and Matte Medium demonstration. Mixed media by Grace Mendez

One of my favorite things to do is try out new artist supplies like these pastel pencils. The good news is the colors are vibrant and they easy to use, the bad news is they smudge. The ability to smudge is great when you want to blend colors. What I don’t want is that when I […]

Art is You Retreat Petaluma, CA 2014

AIY 2014 Sheraton

For the third year in a row, I went to Art is You mixed-media art retreat in Petaluma, CA. I took two, one-day workshops. I met women from all over including Canada, Washington DC, New Mexico and Minnesota. There were many local women from surrounding areas, too. I live close enough to drive so I didn’t […]

Saying Good Bye

Good Bye

One month ago was the most painful day I have ever had. My father died. Why do I share this information here? It’s normally uplifting and creative. My blog is where I share my artwork, trick and techniques. Going through the death process with my father gave me a lot to think about. Primarily, how […]

ABC’s of Cultivating Creativity

ABCs of Cultivating Creativity

What does it mean to cultivate creativity? Does creativity always come naturally or do we need to actively cultivate it? What about the ones that declare, “I’m not creative.” I believe we are all creative. We are born that way. Let’s get back to that beginner’s mind of a child who doesn’t worry about color […]